Asset management

No one is able to predict the future. You can learn from past experiences and then focus on the best proven approach. The approach that ensures that all aspects are in focus and that you will reach your destination. That is what we do. For clients with a freely investable capital starting at one million euro.

Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on four pillars:

  1. Risk management: Large losses must be avoided at all times. After all, they cause permanent damage to your capital.
  2. Systematically: A long-term investment strategy only works when it is carried out consistently.
  3. Socially responsible: Our investment strategy is 100% sustainable.
  4. Active management: We are convinced that active management is superior to passive management.

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Collaboration with depository banks

IBS is not a bank. Your securities are saved at a specialised depository bank. We execute transactions for you with a power of attorney or a three-party agreement.

Insight in your information

Via IBS Online, you have access at all times to all information about your assets. Here you can see not only the current state of affairs but you will also find all reports, contracts and annual tax statements.

Asset structuring

It is nice to have an understanding of the (tax) consequences of your current foundation and to reduce these with a more optimal (tax) structure. We are happy to help you here. The starting point here can be your prenuptial agreements and wills, among other things.

Coordination and implementation of our schools of thought then takes place by your advisors, such as the tax lawyer and notary public. If you do not yet have such advisors, we will be happy to introduce you to a suitable intermediary.

Contact Tim Timmermans regarding private asset management  or Rogier Rake with questions about institutional asset management.