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If things can go any which way in life, then it all comes down to your discipline and agility. That’s why we think it’s important not to be led by the issues of the day. But to be led by vision and the best proven approach. But what is our vision? And how do we invest? Allow us to explain that further…

The ‘IBS Three”

At IBS, we invest on the basis of the ‘IBS Three’:

  1. We are active investors
  2. We consider risk management to be extremely important
  3. We only invest in a socially responsible manner

These three principles form the core of our strategy and are fully intertwined in our investment policy.

The foundations: Social responsibility

For us, it all starts with socially responsible investing. To be able to achieve this, IBS has committed itself to the UN Global Compact initiative and the sustainability directives of Goede Doelen Nederland (Charitable Causes of the Netherlands). At IBS, we exclude any investment that is not in line with these guidelines. In addition to that, we also actively look at our own desires when it comes to sustainability. For example, at IBS we have no interest in investing in the oil industry. And to help us with our exclusion criteria, we use data from MSCI ESG Research.

What do we invest in?

At IBS we invest in stocks and bonds. But it’s something we don’t take lightly. We only invest in high-quality stocks.

When selecting these stocks, we base our choice on the following criteria:

  1. A strong sustainable competitive advantage
  2. Long-term growth potential
  3. A solid balance sheet
  4. A high return on capital and a high cash conversion
  5. A management team that focuses on the long-term interest of all stakeholders 

We call our selection of individual stocks the ‘IBS 30’. These are 30 stocks that are included in each investment profile. We know a lot about our IBS 30. And we are more than happy to explain why we invest in a particular stock. As an active investor, we encourage our companies to think long-term. Currently, our portfolio is performing well in terms of sustainability. But it doesn’t end there, because ours is a journey where things can, and must, always be improved!

Bonds are, for us, the stable part of the portfolio. With the current interest rates, we choose not to take unnecessary risks in the bond portfolio. We do, however, follow an active strategy when it comes to investing in bonds, so as to generate extra returns. Naturally, we apply the same sustainability criteria to our bond investments.

How do we invest for you?

When investing for you, we choose an appropriate investment profile with you. And this way, we work together to achieve the stipulated investment goal. Depending on the chosen profile, we invest more, or less, in the IBS 30. If a profile deviates over time due to price movements, we rebalance it. Which means: we buy or sell shares. This creates peace of mind and helps to achieve your investment objective.

We keep you up to date

With IBS Online, you can access all the information about your assets whenever and from wherever you want. Not only will you find updates on the current state of affairs; you’ll also be able to see all your reports, contracts and fiscal annual overviews.

In addition to that, we plan an extensive review at least once a year. And if you wish to have them more often, then naturally, that’s no problem at all. You can also contact your Relationship Manager anytime with any questions you may have. And our investment team is always ready to provide further clarification if needs be. We post blogs and place a quarterly report on IBS Online each quarter. What’s more, we regularly organise Knowledge Sharing sessions and other events where we can catch up.

Honest about costs

At IBS, our costs are all-inclusive. And the rate depends on the size of the capital and any additional products. So, no constant exceptions or extras for specific services.

Is that it? Not at all! We would love to have the opportunity to tell you about our team, the returns and lots more. Feel free to contact us for an appointment. We’ve got so much to share with you!