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IBS - Capital Allies EN

Ally for strategy and growth

A long track record, specialist knowledge and an extensive network: that’s what we bring to the table when helping you in your venture. In the fields of (among others) sales and acquisitions, (re)financing, restructuring and other strategic issues. We are quick to adapt and respond, we have an eye for detail and, at the same time, maintain an overview.

Our Corporate Finance team consists of professionals with a personal and flexible attitude, who are strongly committed to our clients and commissions. The team boasts extensive experience thanks to previous positions held in banking, such as at Rabobank International, ING and NIBC.

We continue to closely monitor developments in the markets, so that we can be the best partner to discuss with. We also look at trends in the field of sustainability and where this may play a role for our customers.

We do not have a fixed relationship with a bank, accountant, international network or other body that could affect the independence and integrity of our services.

What’s more… we are entrepreneurs ourselves and know how important it is to go the extra mile.