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IBS - Capital Allies EN

Opinionated, Courageous, Honest and Enterprising: these are our core values, and we follow them in everything we do.


Advice can only come from people. And with us, you are dealing with real people. Autonomous professionals, senior enough to be themselves. Professionals who have an opinion of their own, who are fully knowledgeable in business, and who really listen. And, of course, there’s young talent too. They all have their own story to tell. This helps sparks inspiration, provides focus and ensures diversity, which we believe leads to successful relationships.


We think for ourselves and don’t necessarily follow the herd. And we do not hide behind processes and procedures. We dare to ask. And ask again. That’s how we reach solutions that may well be off the beaten track. Solutions that are specially designed for our clients and their interests. That is our guiding principle.


An ally is by your side at all times. If there is a depression in the stock markets or investments, we’ll be honest about it. Just as we will be about the consequences that will have to your situation. We explain in detail what we invest in and how. We are open about costs, risks and sustainability. There’s no small print or hidden agendas with us. If something goes wrong sometime, then we’re also transparent about that.


We are active, we think ahead, and we welcome new ideas. We invest our own money in the same companies and funds that we invest our clients’ money in. Following the same principles and long-term goals. Moreover, the partners at IBS are entrepreneurs and owners in their own right as well as being fully involved in the operation of IBS. As a result, we are able to align our interests with those of our clients and achieve the best results together.