Fund Management

Access to unique investment opportunities

For our enterprising clients, we offer Fund Management. We select unique and specific unlisted investing opportunities and facilitate our clients so that they can invest in institutional funds.

On the one hand we aim to offer access to high quality managers and / or investment strategies through a so called feeder – master structure. We thus offer the opportunity to invest together with other clients in funds which would otherwise not be accessible. We leave the actual investing strategy and execution to an external, specialized manager who has the specific knowledge of a certain sector or class of assets. IBS Fund Management has realised this with funds such as Life Science Partners and the funds of Nordian Capital Partners. On the other hand, Fund Management provides  our clients with diversification opportunities in the overall asset allocation.

We differentiate between public funds with access on a weekly basis, and private funds which are accessible only at the time of fundraising. In the category Public Funds IBS Fund Management offers momentarily the SilverCross Global SmallCap Fund. This investment opportunity is available for professional investors and non-professional investors with a minimum initial investment of EUR 100,000.