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We distinguish between two types: non-listed (private) and listed (public) funds. Each has its own specific characteristics.

Private funds

We see investing in private funds – also known as private equity / private markets – as the icing on the cake within the investment mix. Projected high returns, the spread options and access to highly specialised investment categories are all good benefits of this classification. For example, we participate in funds focused on solar energy, specialist medical equipment and alternative debt selection funds.

Private funds do not invest in listed companies. Which means that they are not accessible to everyone; only to experienced investors with sufficiently large capital and a sound knowledge of investing and risk management. We make these funds accessible by letting clients invest together via an IBS fund.

How do we select our funds?

We only work with first-class fund managers. In doing so, we pay attention to, among other things, the investment history, how the returns are achieved and transparency.

We work together with funds that have a light or dark green sustainability classification. Light green funds have an ecological or social characteristic (Sustainable Development Goal, SDG). Dark green funds have a specific sustainable purpose. Examples are medical innovations or sustainable energy. We then monitor the funds and try to identify as many sustainability risks as possible. For this we use the Preqin database and the information provided by the fund managers.

Public funds

The difference between public and private funds is that private funds have limited entry options and a lengthy term. Think of an average of ten years. With public funds you can enter and exit anytime during the fund’s term.

We also have a public fund on our IBS Fund Management platform: SilverCross Global Smallcap Fund. This fund successfully invests in a limited number of exceptionally good, smaller listed companies which are also sustainably aware and responsible. It is possible to opt-in on a monthly basis.

More about IBS Fund Management

Our IBS Fund Management colleagues are more than happy to tell you everything you want to know about Fund Management. To find out more about the investments that we currently have on our platform, please visit the IBS Fund Management website.