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Asset Management

No one can predict the future. And nothing is guaranteed. But what you can do is learn from the past and focus on the best proven approach. The approach that ensures that all aspects have been identified and that you achieve your goals.

Fiduciary Advice

Fiduciary Management is the perfect service if your institution has complex assets, as our fiduciary manager is there to take a great deal of the work off your hands. You remain responsible at the end of the day, but you have the peace of mind and time to be able to fully focus on your institution’s mission.

Fund Management

With IBS Fund Management, we are always on the lookout for great alternative investment opportunities. Which is why we opt for unique and specific, unlisted funds. These are an addition to the investment mix with an appealing risk/return profile.

Corporate Finance

In addition to our expertise in the field of Asset Management, we have a specialised in-house Corporate Finance team. We offer advice on sales and acquisitions, financing, restructuring and other strategic issues. And for all of these areas, we boast a strong track record and an extensive network.

With this combination of services, you can rest assured that we are a qualified, well-seasoned partner.