We think engaging in socially responsible business is the rule.

We underwrite the UNPRI ((United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) and are a member of the VBDP (Association for Investors for Sustainable Development). We believe that responsible company management in the long term is a condition for the continued existence of a company.

We see responsible management, therefore, as an important risk management tool. It helps to control future financial risk. It also protects a large number of our clients against reputational damage. This applies not only to our own company, but also to the companies in which we invest for our clients.

  • That’s why we conduct and share in-house academic research into sustainable investing.
  • We support our clients in making investments with impact.
  • We have a matching gift program for our employees. We match every gift that employees make by adding an equal amount, up until a maximum of € 500. We encourage our employees to engage in sports and live a healthy life. Green kitchen, running.

We minimise and compensate for our footprint

We gain insight into CO2 emissions and minimise them: energy use, electricity, commuting, business travel, gas heating, etc. Some 329 tonnes of CO2 is compensated by a forest rehabilitation project in Malaysia.

Our investment strategy is 100% sustainable.

Sustainable investing is a rewarding subject for discussions, certainly as it relates to returns. In a literature study that we have recently conducted, we concluded that sustainable investment does not come at the expense of returns. What’s more, it provides more than satisfactory returns – both financially and socially.

In our selection process for our investment strategy, we have assumed the Guideline of Financial Management for Charitable Causes from GDN (Charitable Causes of the Netherlands, previously VFI) as a policy principle. Here we consciously apply stricter sustainability criteria than what is generally customary in the market.