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This website is owned by IBS Capital Management BV. All information provided by IBS Capital Management BV and/or IBS Asset Management BV and/or IBS Fund Management BV and/or IBS Corporate Finance BV on this website is for general and not personal information purposes only, and does not constitute an offer, a solicitation, an investment advice or any form of financial service. The information is for Dutch residents only. All information on the site is owned by IBS, unless stated otherwise. Dutch law applies to this website.

Information in e-mails sent by IBS Capital Allies may be confidential, and is solely intended for the addressee. If you receive an e-mail unintentionally, we kindly request you to read its contents as little as possible, not to use or make public its contents, and delete the e-mail.

All aforementioned IBS companies may be referred to collectively under the trade name IBS Capital Allies. IBS Asset Management BV, IBS Fund Management BV and IBS Corporate Finance are a wholly owned subsidiary of IBS Capital Management BV. IBS Asset Management BV is licensed as an investment institution (‘beleggingsonderneming”) and IBS Fund Management BV as an investment manager (“beheerder van een beleggingsinstelling”) by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets under the Financial Supervision Act.