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IBS - Capital Allies EN

Assets are needed, both for the long term and for daily activities. Their management is complex; you need to balance returns, risk and issues such as regulations, sustainability requirements and risk management. And stakeholders and donors want to understand what you spend their money on. A standard approach is not enough. We understand that.

We have an experienced institutes’ team

We have been serving institutions and charities since our launch in 1987. With their extensive experience, our specialised institutes’ team knows how to find the optimal balance between customised solutions and efficiency. We take the time to understand your institute and wishes as thoroughly as possible. And to set up a good collaboration right from the start. And from there, we go on to help professionalise the strategy further.

We provide customised advice

Both in approach and in preparing the portfolio. In line with your wishes, we invest in individual titles or funds, both active and passive. And, if appropriate, we can also offer funds from our subsidiary, IBS Fund Management.

We are both capital allies as well as social ones

It’s not just a sustainable approach that we take towards the investments we make and the way we do business. We also realise that our core business has a social context. We are successful and create new perspectives for our clients. But we are aware that there is a large group of people who do not have that perspective. And we believe it is our duty to actively pay attention to this.

More and more focus on impact investing

The demand for impact investing is increasing and so are the possibilities. We offer a variety of solutions. Such as investing in the energy transition and healthcare real estate. And we can help by assessing your suggested impact investments. We can also play an active role in your own initiatives. For example, we helped develop the Stichting Leger des Heils Woonvermogen (Salvation Army Residential Property Foundation).

Find out more

Would you like to know more about how we invest, about our role as a fiduciary advisor, about alternative investments? If so, please read on or get in touch with us directly.