SilverCross Investment Management is an institutional asset manager which specialises in the management of the capital of a limited number of sophisticated investors.

The investment strategy focuses entirely on the selection of globally listed smaller companies based on thorough research. SilverCross invests in qualitatively high value companies that are fundamentally undervalued as a result of temporary factors, whereby they have fallen out of favour.


We focus exclusively on the selection of approximately 30 globally listed small companies. Focus is essential for finding excellent companies that are barely followed and therefore are undervalued. Intensive research and a long-term investment horizon form the basis of our process.


We strive for a strong long-term rate of return by investing in the best companies, wherever they may be. Companies operate globally these days. SilverCross finds these companies and visits them in their own offices or in their factories.

Parallel interests

Our company is owned by the employees. We are building our company for the long term by offering a specialised investment strategy for experienced investors. As co-investors in the Global Small-Cap Fund, the interests of our clients run parallel to our own. We eat our own cooking.

SilverCross Investment Management was established in 2014 as a partnership between IBS, the initiator David Simons and Chris Andrews.

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