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IBS - Capital Allies
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Nieuws 31-05-2016

IBS Capital management presents: IBS Capital Allies

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
— Andy Warhol

As from 1 June we will use this brand name. IBS stands for what we do: strategic investing and advising. Capital Allies stands for who we are: an ally for our clients.

With this new brand name, we give expression to our promise by being the best possible ally for our clients. An ally in an increasingly complex financial world, where we seize opportunities with our clients and at the same time carefully manage risks. We do that by sticking to our core values: opinionated, courageous, honest and entrepreneurial.

In recent years, we have seen dynamic financial markets. Stock market corrections alternating with market rallies. Unfortunately, we’ve also dealt with plenty of scandals. There were new entrants, mergers and acquisitions with existing parties, and tightened legislation and regulations. Considering this background, we believe it’s important that our clients know what we stand for. With our name change, we emphasize that.